This cheerful pumpkin looks as if he's laughing out loud, and but he's sure to make others chuckle. Add his winning, bushy-browed face to your porch this Halloween if you're going for giggles. Log in to to access the free downloadable stencil pattern; registration is free, too!

By Jessica Tull

We etched this laughing pumpkin's oversize tongue and pupils for a cool, 3-D effect. Etched sections are marked on the stencil pattern with dotted lines, so keep the printed stencil nearby after outlining for easy reference.

free lol stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Tape your printed pattern to a hollowed-out pumpkin, and use a pin tool to pierce closely-spaced holes through the paper and surface of the pumpkin. Keep pin holes within 1/8" of each other.

2. Tear off the printed pattern, and etch the pumpkin's pupils and tongue by gently scraping the pumpkin's surface with a gouging tool. Be careful not to puncture through the pumpkin wall.

3. Carve pattern areas within solid lines by using a skinny, serrated knife to cut completely through the pumpkin wall. Discard extra pumpkin pieces.


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