Ready for the mane attraction? Because with this lovely lion pumpkin stencil, its etched fur will steal the show. Follow our tips and step-by-step instructions to create an eye-catching crest of fur on this elegant feline. Just download our free stencil to get started!

By Jessica Tull

Etching gives this lion's tousled mane extra texture and interest. To etch, just take a gouge or a power etching tool and remove the pumpkin's top layer of skin, leaving the light orange rind intact underneath. Try etching away the pumpkin skin in parallel tracks to mimic long strands of fur, or leave a few long, curved strips of pumpkin skin in etched areas for a similar furry effect. Experiment with different etching styles to find what looks best to you.

free lion stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Download the free pdf lion stencil by clicking the link above. (Register with us, if you haven't already, to access the stencil; registration is free, too!) Print the stencil and tape it to the surface of your cleaned-out pumpkin.

2. With a large nail or long pin tool, create tightly spaced holes along the stencil lines. Remove the stencil after puncturing all the lines.

3. Etch stencil areas within dotted lines by using the tips mentioned above.

4. Carve stencil areas within solid lines with a specialty pumpkin-carving knife or thin, serrated linoleum-cutting knife. After you've finished carving the entire design, pop out the carved sections by pressing on them with your fingers from inside the pumpkin.

5. Light up your design by placing a regular or battery-operated candle inside the pumpkin.


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