Kristen Stewart Pumpkin Stencil

If Bella Swan had a favorite holiday, it would certainly be Halloween. In honor of that connection, we featured the actress whose face forged a werewolf-vampire alliance on our striking pumpkin stencil. Just download the free stencil and follow our instructions to bring Kristen Stewart's trademark sultry expression to a porch near you.

We admit it: We carved this pumpkin on a dusky gray gourd because it reminded us of twilight (the time of day -- but yes, the movie too). Traditional orange pumpkins are just the tip of the pumpkin-carving iceberg. Try carving your masterpiece on creamy whites, dappled greens, or even red pumpkins, if you can find them! 

To carve:

1. Saw a circle in the underside of your pumpkin with a serrated knife, and carefully pry it out. Cut the pulpy side of the circle piece to level it; you'll use this flat surface as a candle platform later.

2. Scoop out the pumpkin's innards, and tape your printed Kristen Stewart stencil to the side you're intending to carve. (Hint: Look for the flattest side on the pumpkin.) Poke closely spaced holes along the stencil lines with a pushpin, and remove the stencil when all lines have been transferred to the pumpkin.

3. Etch areas on the stencil that are surrounded by dotted lines, and carve areas on the stencil that are surrounded by solid lines.

4. Set a battery-operated candle on your prepared pumpkin circle, and place your carved pumpkin over it.


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