Katy Perry Pumpkin Stencil

Own the night this Halloween by letting your jack-o'-lantern shine, Katy Perry-style. Create your own pumpkin version of this pop superstar with our free stencil, and display your creation prominently to amaze your friends with her winning grin (and your winning carving skills). You'll leave them all in awe.

Add spark to your pumpkin (although please, no fireworks) by carefully considering your lighting options. For easy illumination, we recommend a battery-operated candle; it flickers convincingly, and there's no smoke to manage. If you're planning to use a traditional candle, you should leave your pumpkin's top lid off while the candle is burning to allow smoke to escape. If you've carved your pumpkin from the bottom (and have no top lid to remove), compensate by carving a small opening in the back of your pumpkin to act as a chimney.

To carve:

1. Download and print our Katy Perry stencil by logging in to BHG.com. If necessary, resize the stencil with a photocopier to better fit your pumpkin. Attach the stencil to your hollowed-out pumpkin with clear tape.

2. Pierce along the stencil lines with a piercing tool (such as a pushpin or long pin tool), keeping pin holes tightly spaced. (Hint: Keeping holes within 1/8" of each other provides a more detailed outline for carving.) Detach the stencil, and keep it close by.

3. Refer to your stencil to find sections surrounded by dotted lines; etch those sections with a gouge or etching power tool, removing just the pumpkin's top outer layer of skin.

4. Refer to your stencil to find sections surrounded by solid lines; carve those sections with a thin, serrated crafts knife.

5. Illuminate your pumpkin with one of the lighting options discussed above.


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