Kate Middleton Pumpkin Stencil

Royalty watchers, rejoice! Your porch pumpkin needs are now covered. We've taken Kate Middleton's grace and poise and translated it into this charming pumpkin stencil, complete with the Duchess's characteristic long locks and winning smile. Download our free pattern today to bring the Pumpkin of Cambridge to your home this Halloween.

To capture Kate's dark-haired beauty, we gave our pumpkin a coat of black spray paint before carving. You could also carve this design in a black, synthetic carvable pumpkin, which you could reuse for your Halloween decor next year. Or you could leave your pumpkin orange; we've always wondered how Kate would look as a redhead!

To carve:

1. Start with a cleaned-out pumpkin that has been spray-painted black and allowed to dry completely. Tape the Kate Middleton stencil to the pumpkin's surface.

2. With a pin tool, pierce holes along the stencil lines to transfer the stencil pattern to the pumpkin. Pierce through the paper and just into the surface of the pumpkin, keeping pin holes within 1/8" of each other.

3. Remove the stencil, but keep it for reference. Locate areas on the stencil that require etching; these areas will be surrounded by dotted lines. Etch these areas with a gouging tool, removing just the pumpkin's surface skin.

4. Locate areas on the stencil that require carving; these areas will be surrounded by solid lines. Carve these areas with a thin, serrated knife, cutting completely through the wall of the pumpkin. (Helpful hint: For greater carving stability, don't remove any carved sections until you've carved the entire design.)

5. Light your pumpkin by adding a candle to the hollowed-out pumpkin cavity.


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