Kaleidoscope Pumpkin Stencil

While there isn't a cylinder to twist on our kaleidoscopic carved pumpkin, we think this impressive flower design is beautiful enough to feature all the time. You're five steps away from having your own stylized flower pumpkin -- download our free stencil to get started!

Even kaleidoscopic flowers need water! To keep your carved pumpkin fresh, we recommend trapping the pumpkin's internal moisture by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the pumpkin's carved surfaces. If your flower design is withering fast, try popping the entire pumpkin in a cooler filled with ice water; soak the gourd for up to eight hours to rehydrate it. 

To carve:

1. Sign in to BHG.com to print our free kaleidoscope stencil pattern; attach it to your cleaned-out pumpkin with clear tape, flattening the paper against the pumpkin's surface as you tape.

2. Mark the pumpkin's surface by using a large nail or pin tool to punch holes along the stencil lines, piercing both the paper and the pumpkin underneath. Detach the pattern and keep it handy.

3. Find areas on the pattern that are surrounded by dotted lines. With a gouge or scraping tool, remove slivers of pumpkin skin from those areas by gently scraping until the light-colored rind is visible.

4. Find areas on the pattern that are surrounded by solid lines. Carve these areas with a thin, serrated crafts knife. (Tip: Rather than carving the central circle with a knife, bore a hole through the pumpkin with an electric drill.)

5. Pop out carved pieces by gently pushing on them from inside the pumpkin, nudging them outward to reveal the design.


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