If there's a Belieber in your household, you are about to rock their world. We've re-created Justin's perfect mop of hair and swooned-over features in a gorgeously detailed pumpkin stencil. If you think you could never carve a pumpkin this beautiful, we have two things to say to you: 1) Never say never. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) And 2) With our free downloadable stencil and detailed instructions below, it's easier than you think.

By Jessica Tull
Justin Bieber pumpkin

Q: What's better than a Justin Bieber carved pumpkin? A: A Justin Bieber carved pumpkin that smells like pumpkin pie! Just sprinkle some nutmeg and cinnamon inside the cleaned-out pumpkin cavity before adding a lit candle. The candle's warmth will make the scents mingle for a dreamy aroma.

free justin bieber stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Download and print our free Justin Bieber stencil pattern by logging in to BHG.com. (Website registration is free, too!)

2. Tape your stencil to the surface of a pumpkin that you've hollowed out and scraped to no more than 1" thickness. Poke holes along the stencil lines with a pin tool, keeping pin holes closely spaced. Remove the Justin Bieber stencil, but keep it nearby for reference.

3. Etch areas on the stencil surrounded by dotted lines by using a gouging tool to remove just the pumpkin's top layer, revealing the rind below. Carve areas on the stencil surrounded by solid lines, sawing gently along the pin hole lines. (Tip: Leave cutout shapes in place until the entire design has been carved. Then just push the shapes outward by pressing on them from the inside of the pumpkin.)

4. Light your pumpkin by placing a candle in the pumpkin's interior.


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