Just one look at the soulful eyes on this Jack Russell terrier stencil, and we're pretty sure you'll give up plans for an ordinary jack-o'-lantern this year. With her scruffy etched fur and her intelligent expression, this pumpkin-stencil puppy is almost as charming as the real deal. Download your free stencil today by logging in to BHG.com.

By Jessica Tull

With a little preplanning, a pumpkin's natural lines can work to your advantage. For example, one side of this sweet Jack Russell terrier's face is formed by a curved, vertical line. If your pumpkin has strong vertical lines, try playing up this feature! Line up your stencil strategically to complement natural contours for extra dimension.

free jack russell terrier stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Print out your downloadable stencil and resize with a photocopier to fit your pumpkin, if necessary.

2. Tape your stencil to the side of a hollowed-out pumpkin. Go over the stencil lines with a push pin, pricking closely spaced holes through the paper into the pumpkin's skin. Remove the paper stencil when completed.

3. Etch areas within dotted lines by using a gouge or scraper tool to remove the pumpkin's top layer. Carve areas within solid lines with a serrated knife.


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