IDK Pumpkin Stencil

We don't know if you really want to carve this pumpkin stencil. It's short. Snappy. A little tech-edgy. But if you decide you do, the stencil is free. Click the link below, or IDK, flip through a few more stencils to decide for sure.

Luckily, we DO know a few tricks for ensuring a long porch-life for your carved pumpkin ... and we're willing to share, too! Finding a fresh gourd is key. Look for a pumpkin with a firmly attached green stem, and feel the pumpkin's surface to make sure there aren't any hidden soft spots or blemishes. You also should pick up the pumpkin to test its weight; good-quality pumpkins will be heavy for their size.

To carve:

1. With a skinny, serrated crafts knife, cut a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin and remove all the goop and seeds. Scrape the pumpkin walls with a stiff metal spoon.

2. Download and print the free IDK pattern, and resize it using a copier if necessary. Flatten the pattern against the side of your pumpkin, taping it in place.

3. Mark the pumpkin surface by jabbing a needle tool along the stencil lines, creating tightly spaced holes. Detach the pattern after outlining the entire design.

4. Saw along the holes with your crafts knife, cutting out the letters and revealing the pattern. (To remove the cutout letters, press on them gently from inside the pumpkin to nudge them out.)

5. Set a bright, flameless candle inside the hollowed-out cavity, and enjoy the glow from your IDK pumpkin. 


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