Sending an "i<3U" text to your sweetie takes 15 seconds, tops. Carving this sentimental stencil into a pumpkin does take a little longer. But which do you think will result in more "OMGs," photographs, and shares? Think about it... and then download our free stencil below.
I Heart You

If you "<3" this stencil on an orange pumpkin, you'll adore its tender message on a red pumpkin. (Who says hearts and red are reserved for Valentine's Day?) Look for pumpkins in a variety of colors and patterns at farmers markets and local farms.

free i&lt;3U stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Log in to and download the free i<3U stencil by clicking the button above. Print out the stencil and fasten it to your hollowed-out pumpkin with clear tape.

2. Make marks over the stencil lines by piercing along them with a push pin, keeping pin holes within 1/8" of each other. Detach the paper stencil and cut along the pin holes with a skinny linoleum cutting knife.

3. After carving the entire design, press on carved sections from the gourd's interior, nudging them out. Light your pumpkin with a battery-operated or traditional candle.


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