Use This Howling Wolf Pumpkin Stencil for a Wild Jack-o'-Lantern

Add a wild side to your Halloween decor with this creative (and free!) carving stencil.

Twilight Wolf

Profiled against the full moon with its head raised in a chilling howl, this carved wolf pumpkin will surely add a wild side to your Halloween decor. Carve your wolf pumpkin with our free downloadable stencil and enjoy its glow on your porch this evening.

We cut away a large moon-shaped wedge of pumpkin to create this shaggy wolf profile, leaving the inside of the pumpkin mostly visible. For the cleanest-looking pumpkin interior, we recommend bringing your pumpkin to room temperature before scooping out the messy bits, then using a clay-sculpting tool to scrape the pumpkin walls to a smooth finish.

To carve:

1. Clean your pumpkin following our tips above, and tape your printed stencil pattern to the pumpkin's exterior.

2. Use a push pin to prick holes along the stencil lines, keeping pin pricks closely spaced. Be sure to puncture through the paper and the pumpkin's surface.

3. Remove the paper stencil, and carve along the pinpricks with a thin, serrated crafts knife. Keep carved pumpkin sections in place until you've finished carving the entire design.

4. Push carved sections outward by pressing on them from inside the pumpkin. Add a flameless candle to the pumpkin's interior.

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