Horned Grin Pumpkin Stencil

A grin that big (and impressively-fanged) can't mean anything good. Fortunately, it's hard for this jack-o'-lantern to get into trouble, since he stays wherever you set him! Make this mischievous-eyed pumpkin to amuse your friends and neighbors with Halloween. And keep the candy bowl away from him, just in case.

To increase the porch life of this mischievous jack-o'-lantern, rub the pumpkin's cut surfaces with petroleum jelly after carving the design. This traps moisture inside the pumpkin, keeping it fresher longer. For optimum freshness, pop your carved pumpkin in the fridge when not in use.

To carve:

1. Gut your pumpkin by carving an opening in the pumpkin's bottom and scooping out the seeds and slimy parts. Scrape the side of the pumpkin that you're planning to carve; around 1" thickness is optimum on that side.

2. Download the pdf stencil by clicking the button above, and print out the design, resizing if necessary to better fit your pumpkin. Tape the design to your pumpkin, and use a pin tool or large nail to prick holes along the stencil lines. (Tip: Be thorough! Keep pin pricks within 1/8" of each other for best results.)

3. Tear off your stencil, and use a thin, serrated pumpkin-carving knife (or a similar variety wood-cutting knife) to saw gently along the pin prick guidelines. Remove and discard excess pumpkin pieces.

4. Place a flameless candle in the pumpkin cavity to set the design aglow. Follow our tips above to preserve this grinning jack-o'-lantern's freshness and keep your gourd in top display shape.


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