Hipster Pumpkin Stencils

how to carve a pumpkin
Grab your cardigan, pause your cassette tape, and pick a pumpkin that perfectly encompasses your hipster vibe. If you're feeling nostalgic, share this with your friends.

Hipster Guy Stencil

Bow tie? Check. Chunky glasses? Check. Immaculately groomed facial hair? Check. 


Hipster Girl Stencil

We'd love to head to the local co-op with this hipster gal.


Moped Pumpkin Stencil

Buzzing around town on a moped is the best form of transportation.


Mustache Pumpkin Stencil

I "mustache" you a question...nah, I'll "shave" it for later.


Record Player Stencil

Let's spin some vinyl this Halloween. What's a "digital download" again?


Hipster Glasses Stencil

Every hipster needs his or her shades.


Deer Stencil

All that's missing from this mounted deer design is the red-flannel shirt you'd be wearing next to it.


Coffee Mug Stencil

Tiny cup of fair-trade coffee (natch); just imagine the foam latte art on top.


Vintage Camera Stencil

Because cameras are way better big and requiring two hands.


Learn how to carve a pumpkin! Our easy tutorial takes you through the clean-out and the carving, with time-tested tips on using pumpkin stencils.

How to Carve a Pumpkin

Use your hands to create something. Here are the tools you'll need.


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