You see the creepy face too, right? It's right there in the tree: a howling mouth, vacant eyes, and two drooping branches forming outstretched arms. (Even the bats think it's uncanny!) Scare up some fun at your house by carving this haunted scene in your jack-o'-lantern. To get started, just download our free stencil.

By Jessica Tull

Narrow carved spaces, like this tree's wobbly bark patterns, require a blade designed to maneuver in tight corners. We recommend checking out a Halloween supply store for a specially designed pumpkin-carving knife; they're serrated, small, and skinny, and they can fly through tight spaces.

free haunted tree stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Download the free haunted tree stencil pattern by logging in to; print it, and tape it to the outside of a pumpkin that you've cleaned and scraped. Trace along the stencil lines with a needle tool, puncturing tightly-spaced holes through the paper into the top layer of the pumpkin.

2. With a pumpkin-carving knife (like the one described above), saw along the pin marks to carve out pumpkin sections. (Hint: Start by carving sections in the center of the design. You'll preserve the pumpkin's surface strength by starting in the center and working your way outward.)

3. Reveal the design by pressing out the carved sections from the pumpkin's interior. (If sections do not budge easily, ensure that they've been cut free from the pumpkin by running your knife around the sections' outer edges.) Light your pumpkin with a regular or flameless candle.


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