What's the happiest time of year for goblins and ghouls? Halloween, of course! Join in the celebration by featuring their smiling, spooky faces on your jack-o'-lantern this year. Download our free stencil to add this fun, festive pumpkin to your porch display; just log in to BHG.com to access the pattern!

By Jessica Tull
Happy Goblins

Experienced carvers will enjoy the challenge of carving this fun, spooky design. To prevent accidental breakage while carving, be sure your carving tools are made for the job. Don't frustrate yourself by using a kitchen knife; it won't have the necessary maneuverability! We recommend using a thin, serrated knife designed to cut tight designs; you can find these knives in Halloween specialty stores.

free happy goblins stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Log in to BHG.com and print out your free stencil. Attach it to the side of your gutted pumpkin with tape, and use a poker tool to pierce holes along the stencil lines. Space your pin pricks close together, no further than 1/8" apart.

2. Tear off your stencil, and use a carving knife (like the one described above) to saw gently along the pin prick outlines. (Hint: Using a sawing motion rather than a cutting motion decreases your chances of breaking off pieces. Go slowly, sawing point to point, for best results.)

3. After carving the entire design, press gently on the carved sections from inside the pumpkin to pop them toward the pumpkin's exterior, revealing the design.


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