Hands with Apple Pumpkin Stencil

If this iconic symbol of good and evil looks familiar to you, you're probably a Twilight fan! Create your own pumpkin-carved tribute to a vampire-inhabited world with our free downloadable pumpkin stencil. Just click below to get started!

Bright candlelight sets these flawless hands off to perfection. For ease, we recommend lighting your pumpkin with a battery-operated candle; look for small, bright LED lights in hardware stores. If you choose to use a traditional, flame-lit candle, be sure to carve a small hole behind the stem of your pumpkin to act as a chimney, allowing smoke to escape.

To carve:

1. With clear tape, attach the printed stencil to the surface of your cleaned-out pumpkin. Transfer the design onto your pumpkin's exterior with a needle tool by piercing along the stencil outlines, creating holes approximately 1/8 inch apart. Remove the stencil pattern from the pumpkin.

2. Etch the apple shape with a gouge by scraping off the pumpkin's top layer of skin, exposing the light-colored rind underneath. Carve the hands by sawing along the needle-hole guidelines. (Hint: Carve sections from the center outward for less risk of breakage.)

3. To remove cutout sections, reach inside the pumpkin and gently push sections out with your fingers. Illuminate your design by placing a bright battery-operated candle inside the pumpkin cavity.


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