Greek Key Pumpkin Stencil

If you're a fan of Greek architecture and mythology, this pumpkin stencil should turn your head. Greek key patterns were traditionally thought to represent a mythological maze, but with our free pattern and step-by-step directions, it's pretty unlikely you'll get lost along the way! Grab our free stencil by clicking below.

When it comes to pumpkin varieties, there are a maze of choices. As a pumpkin-carving rule, we seek out gourds with shallow or no ridges, even coloration, and at least one flat, smooth side. Pumpkins with these qualities are easier to trace and carve, leading to prettier results!

To carve:

1. Click the button above to download our free stencil; print it and use a photocopier to resize the pattern to fit your pumpkin, if necessary.

2. With clear tape, attach the Greek Key stencil to the pumpkin's exterior. (Hint: Smooth the paper down with your hands as you tape for a better fit.) Use a push pin to pierce tightly spaced holes along the design lines, and remove the stencil when you've finished transferring the design.

3. Etch pattern areas contained within dotted lines. To etch, chip away at the pumpkin skin within these areas with a wide-blade cutter or power etching tool. Smear a thin coat of petroleum jelly over etched areas.


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