Greek Key Belly Band Pumpkin Stencil

A horizontal version of our Greek Key pumpkin stencil, this maze-like belly band is designed to wrap around -- where else? -- the fat midsection of your pumpkin. (Think of it as a very stylish belt!) To add stately Grecian charm to your front porch, just grab a pumpkin and download our free stencil.

For a cool decorative effect, print several copies of this belly-band stencil and arrange them encircling the pumpkin completely. It's OK if the Greek-key segments don't join up precisely; you can always hide an irregularly etched section by facing it toward a wall!

To carve:

1. Secure the printed Greek key belly band pattern to the side of your pumpkin with tape, smoothing the page as you tape it down. (Note: Follow our tips in the stencil caption, above, if you wish to completely encircle the pumpkin.)

2. Pierce along stencil lines with a needle tool, transferring the pattern to the pumpkin by creating closely spaced holes in the pumpkin surface. 

3. Tear off the stencil, and etch pattern areas surrounded by dotted lines. Use a power etching tool or a gouge to chisel away the pumpkin skin from those areas, wiping off bits of pumpkin skin with a paper towel.

4. Smear a thin coat of petroleum jelly on etched surfaces to lock in the pumpkin's moisture.


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