The Notre Dame de Paris or Reims Cathedral might spring to mind upon viewing our Gothic flower pumpkin stencil, and for good reason: We simplified their famous rose windows into this beautiful design. Download our free design by clicking below and follow our simple instructions to make your own elegant medieval pumpkin.

By Jessica Tull
Gothic Flower Stencil and Pumpkin

We love watching candlelight glimmer through this gothic design's petals, but you can also etch this pumpkin stencil for an entirely different look. To etch, just use a sharp crafts knife to peel off slivers of pumpkin skin inside the pattern lines. Avoid puncturing the pumpkin wall while you're etching; you should remove just the pumpkin's surface layer, revealing the light-color rind beneath.

free gothic flower stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Cut a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin and pry it out. Reach through the hole to dig out the interior seeds and strings. Scrape the pumpkin walls clean with a stiff metal spoon.

2. Fasten your gothic flower pattern to your pumpkin's exterior with clear tape. (Hint: Choose the smoothest, prettiest side to carve.) Trace the flower onto the pumpkin by piercing the stencil lines with a pin tool. Keep pin holes about 1/8" apart for the most detailed results.

3. Tear off the flower pattern and cut along the pin holes to carve the design. (Hint: Allow carved sections to remain in place until you've carved the entire design; this helps prevent breakage.)

4. Press gently on carved shapes from inside the pumpkin, nudging them outward to reveal the gothic flower design.

5. Brighten your carved flower by placing a battery-operated or traditional candle inside your pumpkin.


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