Who knew mismatched eyes and a three-toothed smile could be so charming? We fell for this googly-eyed pumpkin stencil and its easy-peasy carving directions. Light up your porch with its gap-toothed grin by downloading our free stencil!

By Jessica Tull

Don't let its slightly quizzical look fool you -- this adorable pumpkin is certainly up for fun! And Halloween traditions are all the more fun when kids are involved. This simple pumpkin stencil is ideal for beginners; there's no etching involved and requires only four steps.

free googly eyes stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Cut a circle in the bottom of the pumpkin, and use an ice cream scoop to remove the pumpkin's guts. Level the inside surface of the cut circle with a knife; this allows a candle to stand easily on a level base.

2. Tape the printed stencil to the pumpkin. Make closely-spaced pin pricks along the stencil lines with a push pin, piercing through the paper to the surface of the pumpkin.

3. Remove the printed stencil and carve along the pin-prick guide with a thin knife, cutting completely through the side of the pumpkin. Throw away excess pumpkin pieces.

4. Stand a candle (or electrical candle) on the bottom of the pumpkin, and set the carved pumpkin over it.


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