Goofy Vampire Pumpkin Stencil

Funny how that fanged face looks so... friendly! It must be the broad swoop of a smile -- it's so endearing, you barely notice the needle-like canines. Carve this deceptively sweet vampire face into your own pumpkin and take a poll of your family: Evil? Or adorable?

To make these perfectly circular eyes, you could either carve them as directed with a pumpkin-carving knife, or you could head to your garage to grab our favorite shortcut -- an electric drill! Estimate the size of the bit based on the diameter of each eye, keeping in mind that since the eye are different sizes, you'll need two different-sized bits. Then, just bore a hole through the pumpkin wall!

To carve:

1. Prepare your pumpkin by cutting a circle in its underside and scooping out the seeds and guts. 

2. Tape your printed goofy vampire stencil pattern to the pumpkin. With a large nail or a long needle tool, poke holes along the pattern lines. Keep holes about 1/8" apart for best results and tear off the stencil when done.

3. Carve along the pin-hole cutting guides with a thin, serrated pumpkin-carving or woodcutting knife. Push out carved pieces from the pumpkin's interior and wipe cut pumpkin edges with petroleum jelly to help preserve freshness.

4. Place a battery-operated candle or votive tea light in the pumpkin's hollow cavity to illuminate his toothy face.


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