Goofy Face Pumpkin Stencil

Some carved pumpkins are cute, and others are scary. And some pumpkins you just have to wonder about. We'll let you guess which category this goofy guy occupies! With a super-toothy smile and wild, springy hair, this pumpkin stencil's face is simply unforgettable.

We'll just go ahead and call it: This pumpkin's so ugly, he's cute. And the source of his oddly-winning personality, in our opinion, is the detailed etch-work on his teeth and eyes. Master this technique by following our detailed instructions (filled with etching tips and tricks!) right below.

To carve:

1. Print out the stencil pattern by logging into (registration is free).

2. Hollow out your pumpkin, scraping the pumpkin side you're intending to carve to no more than 1 inch thickness.

3. Tape your printed pattern to the surface of your pumpkin, smoothing out the paper before attaching.

4. Use a pin tool to prick holes along the stencil lines, puncturing the paper and the surface of the pumpkin. Keep pin pricks tightly spaced. Remove stencil when you've completely outlined the pattern.

5. Now you're ready to etch. (Helpful hint: Etching before carving minimizes the risk of breakage.) In stencil areas that are enclosed in dotted lines, peel the skin from the surface of the pumpkin by scraping with a gouge or raking tool. Scrape lightly, and be sure not to cut through the pumpkin's wall.

6. Use a serrated carving knife to cut out areas within solid lines on the stencil pattern. Carve from the center outward for best results.


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