Ghostly Greeter Pumpkin Stencil

This cartoonish ghost is grinning at the thought of greeting trick-or-treaters; at least, we think that's why he's smiling! With his slightly sinister smirk, outstretched arms, and background of flickering candlelight, this ghostly fellow could have either hugs or spooky mischief in mind. (Our guess is the latter!) Create your own carved ghost pumpkin at home by downloading our free stencil.

For stencil designs with many separate carved sections, like this spooky ghost pattern, it's important to keep cutout sections in place until you've finished carving the overall design. Keeping the sections in place preserves the pumpkin wall's strength, which means less likelihood of accidental breakage while you're carving. Pop all the sections out in the final step by pushing on them gently from inside the pumpkin; if they won't budge, trace around them with your knife to make sure they've been cut completely free.

To carve:

1. Start with a pumpkin that you've cleaned out thoroughly. Tape your printed stencil to the pumpkin's surface, and use a pin tool to outline the stencil lines with holes. Keep pin pricks closely spaced.

2. Remove the pattern and use a sharp, serrated crafts knife to saw gently along the pin pricks. Carve sections by starting at the center and working your way outward, leaving cutout sections in place until the entire design has been carved.

3. Push on cutout sections gently from inside the pumpkin to dislodge them. Light the pumpkin's interior with a flameless candle.


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