A Ghost Face Pumpkin Stencil to Add A Little Spooky to Your Halloween

Make your porch a spooktacular scene with this ghostly jack-o’-lantern design that features partly etched eyes and a howling mouth.


We like this long, vertical ghost face design on a tall pumpkin, but it looks equally spooky on shorter gourds! Resize the pattern as needed with a photocopier to fit your pumpkin. Whatever size pumpkin you choose, look for even colors and a flat carving surface for best results.

To carve:

1. Log in to BHG.com to download and print the free stencil pattern.

2. Tape your printed pattern to the surface of a hollowed-out pumpkin, and use a pin tool to create pinpricks along the stencil lines.

3. Remove the stencil and etch the stencil areas within dotted lines. To etch, use a gouging tool to gently scrape off the pumpkin's surface, revealing the lighter-colored rind underneath.

4. Carve stencil areas within solid lines, cutting entirely through the wall of the pumpkin. Throw out extra pumpkin pieces.

5. Light the pumpkin's interior with an electric candle.

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