German Shorthaired Pointer Pumpkin Stencil

With her imploring eyes and attentive face, this German shorthaired pointer pumpkin seems to be waiting for you to sneak her a treat. (To be fair, all the trick-or-treaters are getting them!) Carve your own long-eared pointer today; just log in to to download our free stencil!

A combination of skillful etching and careful carving makes this pup's face pop against the bright orange gourd. When combining these two techniques in the same pumpkin, we recommend etching before you carve for less breakage risk. Leaving pumpkin cutouts in place until you've finished carving the entire design also helps keep your masterpiece intact. 

To carve:

1. Clean and scrape your pumpkin from the bottom (not the top), using an ice cream scoop to remove all the pulpy bits. Scrape the pumpkin flesh thinnest on the side you're intending to carve.

2. Print out the free stencil pattern and tape it to the side of your pumpkin. Go over the stencil lines with a pin tool, pricking closely spaced holes through the paper into the surface of the pumpkin. Remove the paper when all stencil lines have been traced.

3. Etch areas within dotted lines by gently peeling the pumpkin's surface layer off with a gouging tool, revealing the lighter rind underneath.

4. Carve areas within solid lines with a thin, serrated knife.

5. Light the pumpkin's interior with an electric candle.


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