Geometric Kaleidoscope Pumpkin Stencil

Remember that first magical moment you picked up a kaleidoscope and watched the shapes tumble and swirl? Capture that kaleidoscopic enchantment all over again by carving our beautiful pumpkin stencil for your fall porch display. We see a windmill; what do you see?

This kaleidoscopic design requires both etching and carving, and we recommend completing the former before starting the latter. By etching on an uncarved pumpkin, you're maintaining the pumpkin's strength and stability. So when you do carve (slowly, deliberately, and gently!), your pumpkin will be less likely to break.

To carve:

1. Tape your geometric kaleidoscope pattern to the side of a pumpkin that you've hollowed out and scraped clean. (Hint: Smooth the paper down as you tape for best results.)

2. Mark the design on the pumpkin's surface by using a pin tool to pierce along the stencil lines, creating tightly spaced holes in the pumpkin's skin. Remove the stencil, but keep it handy.

3. Refer to the stencil to find areas within dotted lines. With a gouging tool or sharp crafts knife, etch those areas by scraping away the pumpkin's top layer. Be certain not to puncture the pumpkin wall while etching.

4. Find stencil areas within solid lines and carve those areas with a skinny serrated knife. Pop out pieces by pressing on them from inside the pumpkin. Place a candle inside your pumpkin to light up your front porch display.


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