Funny Scared Pumpkin

Calm down there, buddy -- they're JUST trick-or-treaters. (We're pretty sure he thought they were real monsters!) Carve this excitable pumpkin stencil into one of your porch pumpkins for neighborhood oohs and ahhs (and maybe a few squeals!). Download our stencil below to get started.

We upped the fun factor for this fearful pumpkin by positioning gardening gloves at the pumpkin's base, cradling its face in goofy terror. You also could create an easy porch vignette by positioning scary decorations (like ghosts or witches) within this pumpkin's line of sight.

To carve:

1. Sign in to, and click the above link to download our free stencil pattern. Print the pattern, and resize it with a photocopier to custom fit your pumpkin if necessary.

2. With clear tape, attach the stencil page to the surface of your hollowed-out pumpkin, smoothing the paper flat against the pumpkin's exterior as you tape.

3. With a needle tool, jab along the stencil lines, outlining the design with tightly spaced dots. Carefully detach the stencil afterward, keeping it nearby for reference.

4. Etch areas located within dotted lines on the stencil by scraping away the pumpkin skin with a gouge or wide-blade cutter.

5. Carve areas located within solid lines with a skinny, serrated crafts knife.

6. Push carved areas outward, and discard them.

7. Light up your pumpkin's fearful face with a bright LED votive candle.


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