Flame Pumpkin Stencil

Listen … hear a campfire crackling? It might be our imagination, but when you're admiring this pumpkin stencil's curling flames, the fire seems so realistic! Carve a few of these hypnotic pumpkins for your Halloween display; just click the link below to grab our free stencil.

You can certainly light these flame-theme pumpkins with traditional candles; it would be thematically appropriate, too! If you do, just remember to carve an additional opening behind the pumpkin stem to act as a chimney, allowing the candle's smoke to escape. But truthfully, we still use a battery-operated candle to light these flame pumpkins; the realistic flicker and lack of smoke is hard to beat!

To carve:

1. Sign in to BHG.com to download our free flame stencil; print it out, resizing the design as needed with a photocopier to fit your pumpkin. (Hint: If desired, print several copies of the stencil and arrange the flames around the pumpkin's perimeter.)

2. Place the flame pattern against the side of your cleaned-and-scraped pumpkin, smoothing the paper against the pumpkin surface and attaching it securely with tape.

3. With a pin tool, perforate the stencil lines by jabbing holes through the paper and into the top layer of the pumpkin. For best results, space pin holes about 1/8" apart.

4. Rip off the pattern page, and cut along the pin holes with a skinny woodcutting knife to carve out the sections that form the design.

5. Press on carved sections with your fingers to prod them out, and light your flame design by placing a battery-operated candle inside the empty pumpkin cavity.


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