Five Jack-o'-Lanterns Pumpkin Stencil

Couldn't decide which expression to carve on your jack-o'-lantern this year? With our impressive five-in-one pumpkin stencil, you won't need to choose. These five jack-o'-lantern faces run the gamut from friendly to grumpy, and from spooky to spooked. Carve yours today by downloading our free stencil pattern.

You couldn't ask for a more self-referential pumpkin; even the carved backdrop behind the five jack-o'-lanterns is pumpkin-shaped! We recommend illuminating your many pumpkin faces with a flameless candle; it provides a lifelike flicker without a trace of smoke. If you're planning to use a real candle, you can corral the smoke by cutting an additional opening in the back of your pumpkin (where it's less visible) to act as a chimney.

To carve:

1. Tape your printed pattern to the side of a pumpkin that you've gutted and scraped. Transfer the pattern to the pumpkin by poking closely-spaced holes through the stencil lines. Remove the stencil.

2. Using a specialty carving knife or a thin, serrated wood-cutting knife, cut gently along the pattern lines, sawing point-to-point. (Hint: For less risk of breakage, carve sections from the center outward, and keep carved sections in place until you've finished carving the entire design.) Push out carved sections by pressing on them gently from inside the pumpkin.

3. Illuminate your design by placing a candle (real or flameless) inside the pumpkin cavity, following our tips above.


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