When a Doberman pinscher walks into the room, everyone takes notice. There's just something about the breed's sleek profile and regal personality that draws admiring stares. So prepare for praise when you adorn your pumpkin with a Dobie's elegant face; like the dog itself, this pumpkin stencil will naturally attract attention.

By Jessica Tull

Extend your Doberman pumpkin's porch life by removing it from the porch occasionally. Carved pumpkins stay fresher when refrigerated, so consider popping yours in the fridge when not in use. Smearing petroleum jelly or vegetable oil on cut pumpkin surfaces also preserves freshness.

free doberman pinscher stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Print off your free stencil pattern by logging in to BHG.com (if you don't have an account, don't worry -- registration is free, too).

2. Affix your printed stencil pattern to the side of a cleaned-out pumpkin with clear tape, smoothing the paper as you tape it down.

3. Use a pin tool to poke holes through the paper into the pumpkin, following the stencil lines and keeping pin pricks closely spaced. Remove the stencil when completed.

4. Etch areas on the stencil that are surrounded by dotted lines. To etch, use a gouge or electric etcher to remove just the top layer of pumpkin skin, revealing the rind below. Be careful not to puncture the pumpkin wall.

5. Carve areas on the stencil that are surrounded by solid lines. Use a skinny, serrated knife to cut completely through the wall of the pumpkin, leaving cutout sections in place until you've finished carving the entire design. Pop cutout sections outward by pressing from inside the pumpkin.

6. Light the inside of the pumpkin with a regular or flameless candle.


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