Love a doxie? Then carve a doxie pumpkin! With its gracefully draped ears, head turned just-so, and a quizzical look on its intelligent face, this realistic dachshund could almost reach out and lick your hand. Log in to to grab the free stencil for this can't-miss pumpkin-carving project.

By Jessica Tull
September 03, 2015

Skillful etching makes this dachshund's jaw and neck look extra delicate and realistic. Try gouging away the pumpkin's surface in long, sweeping motions, scraping in parallel tracks to mimic jaw lines and skin wrinkles.

free dachshund stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Hollow out your pumpkin from the bottom (not the top), and tape your printed pattern to the pumpkin's surface.

2. With a pin tool, create closely spaced pin pricks along the stencil lines, piercing through the paper into the pumpkin's skin. Remove the pattern when all lines have been transferred to the pumpkin.

3. With a gouge, scrape away the pumpkin's surface skin in stencil areas surrounded by dotted lines.

4. With a skinny, serrated knife, carve stencil areas surrounded by solid lines. Press gently from inside the pumpkin to pop cutouts outward. Use a small clay tool to touch up any rough spots.

5. Light the pumpkin with an electric candle.


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