With its kernels arranged in neat rows and its shucked leaves forming a husky throne, this ear of corn almost looks good enough to eat -- but please don't. It would taste alarmingly like raw pumpkin! We recommend carving this deceptively appetizing stencil instead; just click below to access our free pattern.

By Jessica Tull

This classy autumn-themed pumpkin isn't just for Halloween: It will shine as part of your Thanksgiving decor, too. Carve it in an artificial pumpkin, and it will last 'til then and beyond! Look for synthetic carvable pumpkins, sometimes called Funkins, in crafts supply stores. You can carve them using the same tools and methods as regular pumpkins, but with many times the shelf-life.

free corn stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Print out the corn stencil and attach it to the side of your hollowed-out pumpkin (or synthetic carvable pumpkin) with tape. Pierce along the stencil lines with a pushpin or wooden skewer, keeping pin holes closely spaced for greatest detail.

2. Remove pattern and keep it nearby. Review it to find areas surrounded by dotted lines; with a chisel or sharp razor blade, scratch off the pumpkin's top layer within these areas. (Note: Take care not to penetrate the pumpkin wall while etching.)

3. Review the pattern to find areas surrounded by solid lines; with a skinny, serrated crafts knife, cut out these areas by sawing smoothly along the pin holes. Dislodge carved pieces by pushing gently on them from inside your pumpkin.

4. Illuminate your skillful carving by placing a bright battery-operated candle inside the pumpkin cavity.


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