The heart-shape leaf at the center of this pumpkin stencil is eye-catching alone. But add a winding vine curled into a protective spiral, and this design becomes undeniably striking. Impress friends and family with your etching skills by adding this leafy stunner to your front porch; just click below to grab our free stencil.

By Jessica Tull
Coiled Leaf Stencil and Pumpkin

A nice bonus of creating a completely etched pumpkin, like this coiled-leaf design, is that etched pumpkins tend to last longer than their carved counterparts. This is likely because etched surfaces lose moisture more slowly than surfaces that have been carved completely through. You can further aid the pumpkin by spreading petroleum jelly over etched surfaces to seal in hydration.

free coiled leaf stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Place the printed coiled-leaf pattern against the pumpkin's side, and fasten it securely with tape. To transfer the design, outline the pattern with closely spaced holes by piercing through the paper and into the pumpkin skin with a needle tool. (Hint: Keep needle holes about 1/8" apart for detailed results.)

2. Etch the design with a gouge by chipping away at the pumpkin skin until the light-orange rind beneath is visible. Spread petroleum jelly across etched surfaces to seal in moisture.


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