With its soulful eyes and furry, lush ears, this cocker spaniel pumpkin looks as if it's just waiting for a command and a treat! Add another cocker spaniel to the family by carving your own realistic pumpkin version. As a bonus, you won't have to brush this one!

By Jessica Tull

Clean your pumpkin from the base (not the top) to allow more room for your cocker spaniel carving to shine. Just flip your pumpkin on its side to access the base, and cut out a circle wide enough to allow easy access for scraping out the messy bits. We recommend letting your pumpkin come to room temperature before cleaning for quick, easy prep work.

free cocker spaniel stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Log in to BHG.com to download and print out the free stencil. (If you don't have an account, it's free to register, too!)

2. Attach your printed stencil pattern to a hollowed-out pumpkin with clear tape. Smooth out the paper before securing.

3. Pierce holes along the pattern lines with a large pin, keeping pin marks about 1/8" apart. Remove the paper when all stencil lines have been transferred.

4. Etch areas within the stencil surrounded by dotted lines by using a gouge to scrape away the pumpkin's top layer. Be careful not to puncture your pumpkin; you should only scrape deep enough to reveal the rind underneath.

5. Following the pin hole guidelines, carve out stencil areas surrounded by solid lines. After popping out the shapes, use a small clay tool to touch up any rough spots.

6. Light your pumpkin's interior with a regular or battery-operated candle.


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