Even if you think clowns are scary, we're 99% certain you'll gush over this sweet-faced emoticon pumpkin stencil. With this funny guy's bulbous nose and parenthetical smile, it's hard not to be won over! Crowning your carved pumpkin with a clown wig is purely optional -- but fun.

By Jessica Tull

This sweet clown face is a perfect design for introducing kids to pumpkin carving. Assign little children to clear out the pumpkin guts with a large spoon -- or with their hands if they're brave! Older kids can assist by tracing the pattern onto the pumpkin, or they could take a turn carving with adult supervision.

free clown nose emoticon stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Click the button above to download our free clown-nose stencil pattern. Print the stencil, and smooth it against the side of a pumpkin that you've cleaned and scraped.

2. Punch holes through the paper and pumpkin skin to transfer the pattern to the pumpkin, creating tightly spaced holes along the stencil lines. Take down the pattern once you've finished transferring the design.

3. With a skinny, serrated linoleum-cutting knife, saw along the pin holes to form the design. (Hint: Don't pop carved pieces out right away! Leaving them in place increases your pumpkn's overall strength, which leads to less risk of accidental breakage.)

4. Press on cutout sections from inside the pumpkin to dislodge them, and light up your design by placing a battery-operated LED light inside the empty pumpkin cavity.


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