We think this Cavalier King Charles spaniel pumpkin stencil captures the breed's sweet, cuddly nature perfectly. With her lush, floppy ears and inquisitive expression, this little lady looks real enough to hop onto your lap! Unfortunately, snuggling with your pumpkin isn't very practical -- or comfortable.

By Jessica Tull

Sharp carving tools are a must for this project. To minimize the risk of breakage, etch before you carve, and carve pumpkin sections from the center outward. We also recommend keeping pumpkin cutouts in place until you've carved the entire design. Then, just press gently from the pumpkin's interior to pop out carved pieces.

free cavalier king charles spaniel stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Log in to BHG.com to download the free stencil. (Registration is free, too!) Print out the stencil, and enlarge or reduce the pattern size to fit your pumpkin if necessary.

2. Tape the printed stencil pattern to your hollowed-out pumpkin, smoothing out the pattern as you secure.

3. Following the stencil lines, pierce holes through the paper and into the surface of the pumpkin with a large pin, keeping pin holes closely spaced. Remove the paper pattern after all lines have been transferred.

4. Use a gouge to etch stencil areas surrounded by dotted lines. To etch, scrape off just the pumpkin's skin at the surface, revealing the rind underneath.


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