Road trips aren't just for summer! Use the best of fall produce to make this charming car and camper duo. Snag a couple pumpkins and a few decorative gourds at a farmer's market, then use our free downloadable stencil and instructions to create all the imaginative details, from adorable "spoked" wheels to teensy stem door handles.


Before cleaning your pumpkins for this vehicular vignette, it's important to decide which side of the pumpkin to carve. Cut a circle in whichever side will be the bottom of your finished car and camper, then hollow the pumpkins out as usual before carving and decorating.

free car stencil pattern free camper stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Hollow out two pumpkins -- one small and round, another long and tall -- being careful to cut into what will be the bottom of the finished car and camper. (Cutting into the wrong side could hurt the design!) Clean out the seeds and stringy bits with an ice cream scoop, and scrape the inside walls of the pumpkin to no thicker than 1".

2. Print out the downloadable patterns and tape them to your pumpkins, using the photo as a placement guide. Use a pin tool to puncture the paper into surface skin of the pumpkin by tapping closely-spaced pin pricks along stencil lines.

3. Carve out the windows and windshield, and use a gouging tool to outline the car and camper doors.

4. Using the photo for inspiration, embellish the car and camper with imaginative details. Cut a small rectangle under the camper door, and edge a scrap of pumpkin for the threshold. Cut small pieces of decorative gourds to make wheels and window curtains, and secure them with toothpicks. Cut a stripe along the camper and insert a long strip of gourd to finish. (Alternatively, paint a stripe along the camper side in a pretty color.)


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