Caped Vampire Pumpkin Stencil

We're pretty sure this menacing monster is thirsty, but he doesn't seem interested in Halloween punch! With his intimidating stare and his needlelike fangs, this gorgeously detailed vampire pumpkin stencil will have visitors leaning in for a closer, admiring look. But they'd better watch their necks!

The cool, 3D effect you're observing on this creepy stencil? That's from etching the outline around the vampire's head. Etching, or peeling away the pumpkin's top layer, makes features pop dramatically on decorated pumpkins. For a special touch, etch the top of the vampire's head with short strokes to mimic hair.

To carve:

1. Carve a circle in the underside of the pumpkin with a thin, serrated knife, and use a scoop to remove the seeds and stringy parts.

2. Spray-paint your pumpkin black, and allow the paint to dry completely.

3. Tape your printed stencil to the pumpkin's surface and use a pin tool to poke closely spaced holes along the stencil lines, puncturing through the paper into the pumpkin's skin.

4. Use a gouge to etch stencil areas surrounded by dotted lines.

5. Carve stencil areas surrounded by solid lines, cutting all the way through the pumpkin wall. After completely carving the design, press gently from inside the pumpkin to pop out cutout sections.

6. Add a lit candle to the inside of your carved pumpkin to set it aglow.


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