This sweet-faced pumpkin stencil looks a little confused, but once he's settled on your porch, we're sure he'll figure things out. This lovable fellow features goofy gap teeth and bulging, crossed eyes, made even more prominent by etched pupils.

By Jessica Tull

It isn't difficult to combine carving and etching on the same pumpkin; it just requires a sharp knife and a little know-how! For less risk of breakage, try etching before carving. It's also helpful to leave carved pumpkin cutouts in place until you've finished the design; then, just pop them out by applying gentle pressure from inside the pumpkin.

free bucktooth stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Clean your pumpkin out, scraping the pumpkin wall thinnest on the side you're planning to carve. (We recommend no thicker than 1 inch.)

2. Tape your printed stencil to the pumpkin wall, and use a pin tool to tap in pin pricks along the stencil lines. Keep pin pricks closely spaced; you'll use them as a cutting guide.

3. Remove the stencil and etch areas surrounded by dotted lines. To etch, use a scraping tool to gently remove just the pumpkin's surface skin without puncturing through the pumpkin wall.

4. Use a skinny, serrated knife to carve completely through areas with solid lines. Discard excess pumpkin pieces.


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