Block Smile Emoticon Pumpkin Stencil

What to do when you want a smiley-face jack-o'-lantern, but carving a curved line isn't your strong suit? Carve this chipper pumpkin stencil! Modeled after a sweet-faced emoticon, our block-smile stencil is all easy-to-carve angles. Just click below to download the free pattern!

If you light up this blocky guy's smile with a traditional candle (rather than a battery-operated candle), you'll have one additional step to complete. We recommend adding a chimney hole at the top of the pumpkin to allow the candle's smoke to escape. To create a chimney, just carve a small opening behind the pumpkin's stem, placing it where it will be least visible.

To carve:

1. Empty out your pumpkin by carving a circle in its underside and pulling out the inner seeds and goo. Use a scraping tool to thin out the pumpkin wall on the side you're planning to carve; scrape until the pumpkin wall is approximately 1 inch thick. Level the carved circle with a knife.

2. Fasten the block smile emoticon pattern to the outside of your pumpkin with clear tape. Mark out the pattern on the pumpkin's exterior by poking along the stencil lines with a large nail or pin tool, creating tightly spaced holes.

3. Remove the pattern. With a skinny, serrated knife, carve along the pin holes to cut out the design.

4. Push out the carved pieces by pressing on them gently from inside the pumpkin. (Note: If carved pieces don't budge easily, run your knife around the carved edges to ensure they've been cut free.)

5. Light your design by placing a battery-operated candle on the leveled pumpkin circle and setting your carved pumpkin over it.


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