Bitten Pumpkin Stencil

If you've been bitten by the vampire craze, don't hide it. (We've all been nipped at least a little!) With fanged teeth erupting from the design and a distinctly drippy profile, this eye-catching pumpkin stencil will announce your fandom with flair.

Don't worry if the round "drips" from these stencil letters turn out a little jagged after carving -- there's a tool for that! Skim ragged edges with a triangular-head clay-modeling tool to reshape rough patches. Look for this tool in art supply stores. 

To carve:

1. Access the pumpkin stencil by clicking above and logging in to Print the stencil and place it against the smoothest, flattest side of your cleaned-out pumpkin. Secure it in place with clear tape.

2. Use a needle tool to insert holes along the stencil lines, piercing pin marks in the pumpkin. (Note: For the most detailed results, space holes approximately 1/8 inch apart.) Tear off the printed stencil after transferring the pattern.

3. Saw along the needle holes with a skinny woodcutting knife or specialty pumpkin-carving knife. (Tip: Carve sections from the center outward for less risk of breakage.)

4. Press on carved sections from inside the pumpkin to dislodge them and highlight your message by placing a battery-operated candle inside. 


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