Bird Nest Pumpkin Stencil

This clown-face pumpkin doesn't know what to make of his new feathered hat. But as eye-catching as his mossy beret is, it's those huge, half-gourd ears that stole our heart! Download our free pumpkin stencil to carve the most unique gourd on the block.

To create the bird's nest hat, hot-glue artificial eggs and a faux bird to a synthetic moss nest. Attach the nest to the top of the carved pumpkin, angling it over an eyebrow and securing it with glue. To craft ears, split a hollow, artificial gourd in half, and secure the halves to the sides of the pumpkin using glue. Allow glue to dry completely before displaying.

To carve:

1. Tape your printed pattern in place against your hollowed-out pumpkin, smoothing the paper down as best you can while you tape.

2. With a large nail, map the pattern onto your pumpkin by punching holes along the stencil lines, keeping holes within 1/8" of each other for best results.

3. Carefully remove the stencil pattern, and keep it handy. Refer to the pattern to find etched areas, which are located within dotted lines. Use a chisel or wide-blade cutter to remove the pumpkin skin from those areas, whittling slivers away until the light color rind below is visible.

4. Refer to the pattern to find carved areas, which are located within solid lines. Use a specialty pumpkin-carving knife to saw these sections, carving gently from hole to hole.

5. Place a bright battery-operated candle inside your pumpkin to highlight your design.


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