Bat Pumpkin Stencil

Nod to Halloween's unofficial mascot with this cleverly carved pumpkin.

bat stencil

What's wrong with our bat? Oh, nothing -- he's just hanging out. With his feet up top and head resting comfortably below, this bat pumpkin stencil is a casual (if somewhat spooky) addition to a Halloween pumpkin display. Pick up this fun design by logging in to to download our stencil (it's free!).

A light touch is helpful when you're carving through etched pumpkin sections, like when you're creating this upside-down bat's carved eyes. Try using a long pin tool, like the one you use to prick the stencil pattern, to gently pierce the etched section using a twisting motion. For cutout sections bordering etched sections (like the sections forming the bat's nose), saw gently and slowly along the etched border to prevent accidental breakage.

To carve:

1. Tape your bat stencil to a pumpkin that you've cleaned out thoroughly. Use a long pin tool to prick holes along the stencil's lines, keeping the pinpricks close together. Tear off the stencil, but keep it nearby.

2. Refer to the stencil to locate areas surrounded by dotted lines. Etch those areas with a gouge, removing just the pumpkin's top layer of skin.

3. Locate areas on the stencil surrounded by solid lines, and carve those areas with a thin crafts knife. Saw gently, following the pinpricks, and leave cutout sections in place until the entire design has been carved.

4. Press gently on the cutout sections to push them outward, and light up your pumpkin's design by adding a flameless candle to the interior.

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