Baby Face Pumpkin Stencil

Swap spooky for silly with this playful pumpkin stencil.

Baby Face

This baby-faced pumpkin is acting like any happy infant would—silly. How can you say "no" to that sweet face, with its big eyes, button nose, and etched tongue blowing imaginary raspberries? Just log into (registration is free!) to access the free stencil.

To carve:

1. Start with a pumpkin hollowed out from the bottom. Level the cut-out pumpkin bottom with a knife; you'll set a candle on it later.

2. Place the downloadable pattern on the pumpkin, taping it to the pumpkin's prettiest side.

3. Use a large pin to prick holes through the paper and into the pumpkin skin. Prick along all stencil lines, keeping pin pricks closely spaced. Remove the taped pattern, but keep it nearby.

4. Using the pattern as a reference, etch stencil areas within dotted lines by scraping the skin off the surface of the pumpkin with a scraper tool.

5. Carve the stencil areas within solid lines with a thin, serrated knife (woodcutting knives work well). For best results, carve sections from the center outward.

6. Set a candle or electric tea light on the leveled pumpkin bottom, and place your carved pumpkin over the top of the candle.

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