B4N Pumpkin Stencil

When people compliment you on your B4N carved pumpkin, you should expect their good-byes to truly be temporary. They'll be back soon enough to request pumpkin-carving advice. (Psst ... if you're pressed for time, just show them where you got your free pumpkin stencil. We'll take it from there!)

Need a trick to extend your carved pumpkin's lifespan? One word: Refrigeration. Covering your pumpkin with a plastic bag and storing it in your fridge when not in use will result in extra days of life for your gourd. So while it is a short B4N, you'll see your pumpkin again TMRW.

To carve:

1. Using clear tape, attach the printed B4N pattern to the side of your cleaned-out pumpkin. Duplicate the pattern onto the pumpkin by outlining the stencil lines with pin holes. Pull off the pattern after duplicating all stencil lines.

2. Cut along the pin hole guidelines with a skinny crafts knife, sawing gently from dot to dot. (Editor's tip: To prevent accidental breakage, leave carved sections in place within the pumpkin wall until you've carved the entire design.)

3. Pop out carved sections by pressing on them with your fingers; if they don't dislodge easily, run your knife around the section edges to make sure they have been cut free.

4. Discard leftover pumpkin pieces, and illuminate your B4N design with a flameless candle.


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