At Sign Pumpkin Stencil

At first glance, this might seem like an odd pumpkin stencil. (And at second glance and third glance, too.) But with a few skillful letter placements, you'll have a Halloween "b@" or "c@" carving. Or maybe even a "c@ in the h@" pumpkin. And then who's the master carver, after all?

For a fun variation, try etching this at-symbol stencil rather than carving completely through the pumpkin. To etch, scrape off the pumpkin's top layer of skin with a chisel or etching tool, exposing the light orange rind beneath.

To carve:

1. Tape your at-sign pattern to the surface of your cleaned-out pumpkin, smoothing the page as you tape.

2. Pierce along the design edges with a push pin, outlining the design with pin holes.

3. Remove the pattern from the pumpkin.

4. Carve the design with a skinny, serrated pumpkin-carving knife.

5. Press on carved sections to nudge them outward.

6. Place a battery-operated candle inside your carved pumpkin.


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