Asterisk Pumpkin Stencil

Maybe you're using this stencil to mark a pumpkin-carved disclaimer.* Or maybe you love this six-pointed shape for its decorative value. However you wish to use our free asterisk pumpkin stencil, you'll find no judgments from us! (*Pumpkin-carved disclaimers could lack legal weight; you may wish to consult an attorney.)

Simple designs, like an asterisk's straightforward star shape, look gorgeous on pumpkins with interesting colors and patterns. Check out farmers markets for unusual varieties; we love white Luminas and gray Jarrahdales for carving. 

To carve:

1. Scrape out the interior of your pumpkin by carving a circle in its bottom and using a stiff metal spoon to remove the fibrous guts and seeds. Cut off the top of the pumpkin circle cutout to create a flat surface for a candle.

2. Affix the pattern to the pumpkin's side with tape. Using a wooden skewer or needle tool, outline the design by piercing along the stencil lines. (Hint: Keep holes about 1/8" apart.)

3. Remove the pattern and cut out the asterisk design by sawing gently along the holes with a skinny crafts knife. Push out the asterisk piece after carving. (Hint: If the piece won't budge, try cutting it into smaller sections and pushing those sections out individually.)

4. Set a battery-operated candle on the leveled circle and place your carved pumpkin over the top.


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