Art Deco Flourish Pumpkin Stencil

If you're a flapper at heart, this pumpkin stencil should set your toes tapping. With its swooping, streamlined arcs and dramatic spire, this flourish would have been right at home on the wall of an upscale 1920s speakeasy. Now it's available to carve and set on your porch -- drinks optional.

In keeping with Art Deco's modern, new-age vibe, we recommend lighting this pumpkin with a battery-operated candle. If you do opt for a traditional candle, you'll have one additional step to complete. To allow the candle's smoke to escape (and additional oxygen to enter), we recommend carving a small opening at the top of the pumpkin to act as a chimney; we cut an opening behind the stem to make it less visible. Or if you've carved your pumpkin from the top, you could simply leave the top lid off while the candle is burning.

To carve:

1. Sign in to download and print our free Art Deco flourish pattern. If necessary, reduce or enlarge the pattern size with a photocopier to custom-fit your pumpkin. Secure the pattern to the side of your cleaned-and-scraped pumpkin with clear tape, smoothing the page against the pumpkin's surface as best you can.

2. Mark the flourish pattern onto your pumpkin's surface by piercing along the stencil lines with a pushpin, outlining the design with closely spaced pin holes. Remove the pattern, and keep it nearby for reference.

3. Etch pattern sections within dotted lines by chiseling off shreds of pumpkin skin with a gouge or sharp razor blade. (Note: Be careful not to penetrate the pumpkin wall while etching; remove only enough pumpkin skin to expose the light-colored rind below.)

4. Carve pattern sections within solid lines by sawing along the pin holes, cutting completely through the pumpkin wall. Smear petroleum jelly along the carved edges and etched surfaces to lock in moisture.

5. Highlight your Art Deco flourish by placing a bright, battery-operated candle inside.


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