Jack-o'-lanterns with fierce, evil faces are a dime a dozen. But a carved pumpkin with an enraged emoticon face? That's a true Halloween novelty. (And it's kind of cute, too.) Download our free pumpkin stencil by clicking below!

By Jessica Tull

Pumpkin carving is admittedly messy business, but there's no need to get mad about it. Line your workspace beforehand with materials that are easily washed or discarded; we like covering tables with old newspapers and covering floors with a tarp.

free angry emoticon stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Sign in to BHG.com to download and print our free angry-face emoticon stencil pattern. Smooth the page against the side of your cleaned-out pumpkin, taping it down as you smooth it.

2. With a push pin or large nail, trace the pattern onto the pumpkin's surface by puncturing along the stencil lines. Keep pin holes about 1/8" apart for best results. Tear off the stencil.

3. With a skinny serrated knife (like a woodcutting or linoleum cutting knife), saw along the pin holes to carve the design. (Hint: To place less stress on the pumpkin while carving, allow cutout sections to remain in place until you've carved the entire design.)

4. To dislodge cutout sections, press on them from inside the pumpkin to push them out.

5. Smear the pumpkin's cut edges with petroleum jelly and light the pumpkin's interior with an LED candle.


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