American Curl Cat Pumpkin Stencil

If you own an ever-stylish American Curl cat, you're probably accustomed to heads turning in stunned admiration. Prepare for your jack-o'-lantern to get the same reaction! We designed this detailed stencil to perfectly mimic this classy cat, from its thick-furred profile to its back-bending ears. Follow our detailed instructions below to carve your own at home; just sign in to download our free stencil.

Those tiny, adorable whisker dots are easier to create than you might think -- just grab your electric drill from the tool kit! Find a tiny, thin drill bit that's long enough to puncture completely through the pumpkin wall. Once you've attached your bit, just hold the drill against a pin-hole whisker mark from the stencil and gently bore through the side of the pumpkin. Repeat as necessary to create uniform holes.

To carve:

1. Cut into the bottom of your pumpkin with a knife and carve a circle large enough for your hand to comfortably reach through. Pry out the circle and slice off its pulpy surface with a knife; this will become a flat platform for your candle.

2. Spoon out the fibrous strings and seeds with an ice cream scoop and thin out the side of the pumpkin you're planning to carve by scraping its interior wall. (No thicker than 1" thickness is recommended.)

3. Attach the American curl cat stencil to the side of your pumpkin with tape. Score the pattern lines by using a pin tool or wooden skewer to create closely spaced holes, piercing through both the paper and the pumpkin skin. Take off the pattern, but keep it beside you for reference.

4. Determine stencil areas that require etching; these sections are outlined by dotted lines. Scrape the pumpkin skin off these areas with a wide-blade cutter or gouge.

5. Determine stencil areas that require carving; these sections are outlined by solid lines. Use a thin woodcutting knife to cut out these sections, sawing gently along the pin-hole lines.

6. Highlight your skillful carving by placing a battery-powered candle inside the pumpkin to illuminate the design.


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